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100 and Fabulous!

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Ferne Ullstead told her children years ago that she had no interest in living to be 100. Despite that statement, on April 30th, family and friends celebrated Ferne’s 100th birthday in style. With her 94-year-old sister Linde by her side, Ferne greeted family and friends at the Marysville Historical Society in Washington state wearing a sash proclaiming “100 and Fabulous!” By all accounts the sash was right. Ferne had a fabulous life filled with love, family, community, and health and longevity.

While Ferne is extraordinary, she isn’t unique in that more and more people are living to 100 and beyond. If you don’t think you will or aren’t prepared to living to 100, learn a lesson from Ferne. It might just happen, whether you want it to or not. Are you doing all you can to be 100 and fabulous?

What has kept this amazing woman going all these years? Why was her community, her circle of multi-generational friends and family, so excited to celebrate with her? How did this mother of four and boss on the basketball court live such an amazing life? Lifestyle is the key, and it’s never to late to make the right choices. Keep reading to learn more about Ferne.




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