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  • The Road Less Traveled

                  Life has a way of taking us in unplanned directions and giving us unexpected experiences. Many of today’s centenarians have led lives of travel, exploration, and unanticipated twists and turns. Their stories often reveal anything but “typical” lives, often taking the road less traveled. Perhaps that is part … The Road Less Traveled Read More » The post The Road Less Traveled appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Love of Dance

    There are many who say that a life without ballet would be pointe-less. All humor aside, ballet dancing is a great art form with numerous health benefits. Ballet dancing improves posture, builds muscle and agility, and improves flexibility. But it doesn’t matter whether your love of dance is as a participant or a balletomane (an … Love of Dance Read More » The post Love of Dance appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Out of Barren Land a Flower Grew

      Living 100:100, at 100% for 100 years or more isn’t about perfection. People who live long, healthy lives often have created their health, strength, and endurance through being tested. When life gives them lemons, they make lemonade. In the case of Lillian Schilling, despite a dry and barren start in life, she has blossomed … Out of Barren Land a Flower Grew Read More » The post Out of Barren Land a Flower Grew appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Follow That Grasshopper

    Anyone who has ever heard the term “health spa” has, no doubt, heard the names Rancho La Puerta and Golden Door. Both created an international standard for healthy cuisine, healthy lifestyle, and state of the art pampering. They are just part of the legacy of Deborah Szekely, spa founder, recent birthday girl, and author. Deborah … Follow That Grasshopper Read More » The post Follow That Grasshopper appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

  • Getting Better with Age

      At The 100 Year Lifestyle we know that living at 100:100, 100% for 100 years, means the best can be and often is yet to come. Now the science is in, and it backs us up. According to a study done by the University of New South Wales Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing in … Getting Better with Age Read More » The post Getting Better with Age appeared first on The 100 Year Lifestyle.

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